30 years managing Family Heritage
and 24 years of Track Record

-Advice and real estate investment-

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Mazabi is a Multi Family Office founded in 2009
specialized in real estate family wealth management

Our goal is to provide real estate investment and “Asset Management” to manage the generational and current real estate assets in front of the sector and banking institutions.

The Mazabi Group team accumulates more than 30 years of experience in the management of family real estate assets and our managers have intervened purchase and sale operations for € 3,000M of added value.

With offices in Bilbao, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Malaga, Mazabi’s reputation and its presence in the local market, we have access to detect opportunities before other international investors and we have a network of strategic contacts in the market.

Access to “out of market” and “Scope” operations due to the local presence, the reputation obtained based on the years of relationship built strategies.

Due to the reputation, solvency and long experience of banks with the Mazabi Group, this family office can provide access to financing. We managed to sign financing operations for its projects with below market conditions.

We work rigorously trying to minimize the risk of operations. It has a clear procedure in which we analyze all the variables involved in the operation to minimize the risk.

The business size of Mazabi allows quick decisions. It has the ability to change the focus of the investments we make based on market conditions. Being able to react in a responsible way.

A team of perfectly cohesive and highly qualified professionals with extensive
experience in the “Real Estate” market

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Vicente Gómez de la Cruz

President and Director Mazabi Bilbao

26 years of experience in real estate. He founded Mazabi in 2009. He is now a Counselor in Taresta Family Office and Liner Group.

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Juan Antonio Gutiérrez

CEO and Director Mazabi Madrid

24 years of experience in real estate. He founded Mazabi in 2009 and is todays CEO and Director.

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Guillermo de la Puerta

Mazabi Group CFO

28 years of experience in real estate. He founded Mazabi in 2009 and is Manager of Taresta Family Office.

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Jaime Pazos

Asset Management Director

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Juan Dias Bustamante

Silicius Socimi Managing Director

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Carla Garaizabal

Legal Director

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Lucy Smith

Club Deal Citi Private Bank

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Angelina Martín

Investor Analyst

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Marta Tenorio

Financial Management

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Virginia Guisado

Property Manager

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Almudena Palacios

Accounting Director

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Pablo Morales

Management Control

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Elena Caballera


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Maria Reigal


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Zuriñe Baldizán

Administration and Accounting

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Eliana Arrieta

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Beatriz Cerdan