Corporate Social Responsibility

-Our commitment-

Responsible management

Mazabi aims to responsibly manage its activity, ensuring the achievement of sustainable objectives and the creation of shared value for its stakeholders. This activity, in addition, is framed under legislation and all those standards of international reference to which the company adheres.
In this way, Mazabi is committed to the success of its business project being the result of a sustainable profitability that meets the needs and expectations of all its stakeholders.
Within this commitment to the environment and people, Mazabi puts faith in improving the living conditions, mainly for women and children, especially in relation to their education, food and health.

Amigos de Rimkieta Foundation

In this sense, Mazabi collaborates with Amigos de Rimkieta Foundation, which develops various activities and initiatives aimed at meeting basic needs and improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of this population of Burkina Faso, one of the most disadvantaged countries in the world.

MAZABI SANTANDER Independiente Rugby Club

In addition, during the year 2021, Mazabi has collaborated with different schools of rugby clubs, standing out its role as the main sponsor of the MAZABI SANTANDER Independiente Rugby Club. These schools promote values such as respect, humility, effort, integrity and passion, which characterize rugby and which Mazabi incorporates as its own in its business activity. Through this sponsorship, Mazabi participates in the different solidarity actions that the clubs develop, such as their volunteers or their inclusive rugby programs.

Other collaborations